Smart Alarm Co Ltd is based in Hua Hin, Thailand and offers a wide range of solutions, products and services.

Before October 2006 the founder of Smart Alarm, Mr. Wim Verlinden, was a Research and Design engineer in the special department of the Antwerp University in Belgium.

Wim received prizes for his designs from his future King, Prince Philip, and he designed special electronic systems and software for many companies.

Many years were spent developing and testing several biometric products and software for fingerprint and face recognition. Several products for Smart houses and GPS tracking systems were made and sold.

Smart Alarm now designs the most advanced alarm systems available in Thailand to protect all kinds of properties and projects.

The feedback from customers and many years of experience allowed Smart Alarm to adapt the systems to specific needs of foreigners who own a house in Thailand.

Avoiding false alarms by small lizards and long main power cuts, automatic rearming after cleaning, remote control by - and warnings to - the owners, outdoor prealarm and outdoor control of lights are some examples of advanced possibilities that we offer.

Integrating access control, home automation and security with remote control by internet and the mobile phone network will be common in the near future, but today it still needs highly qualified and experienced people to integrate it into buildings.

Smart Alarm offers the highest quality and most advanced systems. We are proud to give free consultancy and offer the best after-sales service, just as you are accustomed to in Europe.

Only an accurate alarm system provides adequate security and peace of mind

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