There are two main types of automatic gates: swing gates and sliding (or rolling) gates. Both types can be used singly or as a double set, although it is rare to find an entrance protected by a pair of sliding gates. The operating mechanisms can be incorporated into our Access Control systems, so they can only be opened/closed by authorised people, ie. those with a card/key/tag or remote control, and only at specified times.

Sliding Gates

This type of gate rolls along a track on small wheels or rollers. The track begins at one end of the entrance and continues past the other end for the width of the gate so in effect, the length of the track is double the width of the gate. To automate the gate a toothed rack is attached to the bottom of the gate and a motor with a protruding toothed pinion (or cog) is positioned at one side of the entrance. The motor is precisely lined up with the rack on the gate, and the height of its pinion is usually set to a tolerance of 2 millimeters from the rack on the gate. As the pinion turns, the rack slides the gate .



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Swing Gates

These gates are operated by an arm, and can be worm-drive, articulated or hydraulic. They usually have a key-operated release mechanism so that the gates can be opened/closed manually in the event of a power failure.

Gate arm

Swing gates

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Gate arms


SafetySafety warning

All our products comply with strict safety regulations and are designed to stop or reverse operation in the event of an obstruction in the path of the gate.

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