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Introducing the SA-FENCE-12

This new electronic fence, designed by Smart Alarm Co.,Ltd. in Thailand, is a safe alternative to the electric fence as it does not deliver a high-voltage shock. It can be easily connected to any alarm system and needs only very low power (12V / 20mA) to work. This power can be supplied by any alarm system.

Burglars, in an attempt to pass the fence, will cut one or more wires or pull wires apart to create enough space to pass through. Because each wire is continuously monitored, both of these actions will cause the control unit to trigger the alarm.

While the electric fence is a good solution for jails and highly secured borders, it is not a safe and good way to protect walls around housing projects, villas and offices. Neighbors, children, pets and gardeners might receive heavy shocks and, although not lethal, accidents often happen as a result of the shock. People can be injured when pulling away or falling from a ladder.

We designed this exciting product also for a second reason - the lack of affordable and reliable perimeter systems on the market. Most infrared beams and motion sensors have serious difficulties in accurately detecting intruders who are crossing a wall where there are plants and trees, or cats and birds, and these sensors can often give false alarms. These problems are eliminated with our new SA-FENCE-12 Electronic Fence .

The basic package uses aluminum alloy wires, but the system can be used with stainless steel barbed wire to increase the physical safety barrier. The system also comes with a panic button placed inside your home, which increases your safety.

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Package example for wall 24m


  • 2 terminal poles
  • 7 middle poles
  • 8 wires
  • 1 Control Unit in strong metal box with power supply and backup battery 5.5Ah
  • 1 Proximity Key Reader with 10 electronic keys

  • 1 Outdoor Siren with flash and alarm status LED
  • 1 Indoor Siren with alarm status LED
  • 1 Spotlight with bracket 150W
  • 1 Panic Button



Technical specifications

SA-FENCE-12 provides the most reliable, effective, safe
and cost-effective integrated outdoor perimeter solution.

Only an accurate alarm system provides adequate security and peace of mind

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