Q. Apart from the obvious, are there any other differences between wired and wireless alarm systems?

A. The advantage of having a wireless system is the ease in which it can be installed as there are no sensor wires to hide. A wired system takes longer to install but it offers greater protection against intruders. The ambient temperature indoors as we have here in Thailand is not much different to our normal body temperature so it is more difficult to detect movement by infra-red sensors alone, and where a wireless sensor has only an infra-red detecter and finds it difficult to distinguish a warm body from normal room temperature, a wired sensor also has a microwave sensor which allows it to detect much more than an infra-red sensor. A wired sensor is also virtually maintenance free, whereas a wireless detecter must have its battery replaced regularly.

Q. The infra-red beams in the photo of your perimeter walls look very impressive, but if I can see them then so can an intruder.

A. The beams are shown in the photo for illustrative purposes only. Infra-red wavelengths lie outside the visual range of the human eye and so are completely invisible.

Q. My neighbour has a good alarm system but he has many false alarms. Why is this?

A. This could be due to many factors, such as lizards obstructing the sensors, or foliage causing an obstruction to a sensor outside. Smart Alarm has developed intelligent software which can determine if a sensor has detected a genuine intruder or just a temporary disturbance, so there is very little chance of sounding a false alarm.

Q. Your perimeter pre-alarms sound very convincing, but what if my cat walks through the beams?

A. Don't worry. Again, our intelligent sofware can determine the type of disturbance to the beams and will only sound the alarm if a genuine intruder has been detected.

Q. Do you offer a guarantee on your products?

A. Of course! We guarantee all our own products and installations for 2 years. Other products which we may supply carry the normal 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Only an accurate alarm system provides adequate security and peace of mind

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