Without an electronic system or permanent supervision it is impossible to be sure that your guards are making their patrol of your premises completely and as many times as required.

In the normal static Access Control system, a proximity card-reader is usually located at an entrance/exit and controls a door or gate to allow access to key/card-holders. There may be many people who are card-holders and one reader is required for each location which allows access to authorised cards, so this is a practical and economical solution.

But the situation for guards is different. It could be that they do not need to open/close a gate or door, but they need to record their visit to the location.

This system differs from the normal proximity card-reading system in that, where a proximity card is recorded at a fixed card-reader, in the Guard Patrol system the guard carries a small portable data collection terminal on his patrol. He uses it to scan RFID tags which are set at fixed locations and the details contained within them are stored in a journal memory for later analysis. RFID cards or keytags can be installed in any location very quickly and very easily as no wiring is required, making it the most convenient, effective and economical guard patrol system.

ReaderWe use the WN-5000V+ reader which has an extremely durable rubber-coated alloy body, is easy to carry and is completely water-resistant and sabotage-proof. There are no buttons to press as it reads cards/tags automatically as soon as they come into range, which can be up to 5 centimeters. It has a storage capacity of 4Mb flash memory, allowing it to hold up to 60,000 records/readings.

In use, the guard first records his own ID by placing the reader near to his tag, then he reads all the strategically-placed tags on his patrol. Each reading is confirmed by a beep and a flash of the red indicator light. The readings can be downloaded at any time in the future to any PC simply by connecting it with a USB cable.

With this system installed you can check that your guards are performing their duties as you previously specified.

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In the event of a guard encountering an unauthorised intruder during his patrol, he must be
well-prepared and briefed on the correct procedure to follow. We can supply protective
clothing for the guards and various devices to assist in the capture and detainment of intruders.

Please contact us if you need any further information or advice.

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