In our larger installations the guardroom is the "nerve-center" of all operations. This is where all systems are continuously monitored and the guard is immediately alerted to any events which need to be investigated. All events which alert the guard are logged so that the supervisor/manager/owner can be made aware. This includes alerts at the perimeter fences, emergencies in any houses in the project and the responses to the guard anti-sleeping system.

Guard Alertness Check

Our Guardroom Solution ensures that your guard does not sleep when he is supposed to be working.

You can have a control unit in your guardroom which can generate a fast beeping sound at random intervals.

The guard must respond by typing his code at the keypad to confirm he is not asleep. The system logs this input and automatically generates a delay before the next check.
Sleeping guard

The time between checks depends on two parameters:

1. Minimum time between checks (A)

2. Maximum interval (B)

The guard will be asked to give his code at random intervals between A and A+B seconds.
If the guard does not enter his code within 30 seconds the beep will sound in a louder control unit siren for 15 seconds. If there is still no action the external siren will sound for 15 seconds.

After this the sound will stop and a failure check message will be logged in the system.

It is possible to automatically call the supervisor using an integrated industrial mobile phone (optional) if the check fails.

Perimeter Monitoring

This photo shows a project plan which is mounted on the wall of a guardroom. This project has an infrared perimeter fence installed and each sensor component in the fence is marked by an LED which indicates its status and it is continuously monitored. The guard can see and hear immediately if the beams are interrupted by an intruder, with the appropriate LED indicating where the beams have been broken.

Similarly, the guard is also alerted to any emergency which may occur at any of the houses in the project.

Project map

Guard Patrol

Guards are generally required to patrol the premises on a regular basis to check all security aspects. The guard carries a portable reader to read and store the ID of RFID tags which are located at various locations around the premises, such as entrances/exits, windows, car parks, swimming pools, boundaries, etc.

Guard Tour Package 1

Guard Tour Package 2

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