Smart Alarm is continually developing its products and services, and is now able to offer automation of your home and household appliances. With state-of-the-art electronics and the latest in fashionable and functional design, you can now control your home at the touch of a button or even with a touch-screen.





You can change the ambient effect of
your lighting at the touch of a switch






The built-in color handsfree video doorphone, which can be positioned anywhere in the house and not just by the entrance, represents a radical evolution: no longer a wall telephone, but a liquid crystal flatscreen for high-definition images.

With the video center you can see who the visitor is at your door....








....or use the menu system to switch appliances on and off,
regulate lighting, temperature and sound....






....or just check the time!


The touch screen unveils its technological potential. The customized displays permit easy navigation through the various menus using selected icons. No instruction manual is required to activate the burglar alarm, program climate control or broadcast sound.





...and with our Smart Bus system there is minimum disruption to your property to install the wiring.

With our continual product development we will soon be able to offer wireless automation, which will eliminate most of the wiring and reduce the time involved to complete the installation.


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