Newsflash! If you are considering upgrading your CCTV system from analog cameras to the new IP cameras with superb quality pictures and better definition, but don't want the trouble and expense of replacing all your old coaxial cables with the new cables required for the IP signals, we have developed our own electronic modules which are able to utilize the same wiring to transmit signals from multiple IP cameras on single cables. This means you can upgrade and expand your CCTV network at minimum cost and minimum disruption and discomfort for guests while the new network is installed, ie. no banging, drilling, debris, etc.. See our IP Cameras page.


Why should a hotel use extra Electronic Security solutions? What are the benefits?

1. To save money... you can protect the same area with fewer guards! The system has the premises under constant surveillance which means the guards do not need to continuously patrol every location, so less manpower is required.

2. To assist the guards... it is impossible for the guards to monitor every room, office and entrance 24hr/day continuously and concurrently without electronic detectors. The system issues a warning to the guard on duty whenever an alert occurs at any location on the premises.

3. To check the guards.…. even the best guard can lose his alertness sometimes during the night. The security control unit can be used to check that a guard is alert and awake by requesting a code to be entered into the system at random intervals. The guard can also be required to carry out a patrol of the premises at specified intervals and the time and date is recorded of each inspection point on the tour.

4. If the guests feel safe, secure and relaxed then they are likely to book a return visit and also recommend the hotel to friends and family. So investing in electronic security can generate more income.


Which systems are suitable for hotels?

First of all an open and flexible system is needed. Today a basic system may be enough but if the economy becomes worse, criminal activity could follow and the security would need to be extended.

The traditional way of wiring a security system means installing a cable from each device to the control unit which, in a large building, could mean hundreds of cables. If an additional device needs to be added at a later date, for example in an office, a new cable must be installed from that office to the control unit, which could be situated at the other end of the hotel, or even in a different building. This would cause major disruption and is an expensive task. This is clearly not a suitable proposition for a hotel.


So an open and more flexible system is needed. More modern systems use digital bus cabling. Detectors, key-readers, electronic infrared fences, lights and sirens can be connected in a flexible way, and at any time to this bus. If the bus is installed at every location in the hotel, it creates endless options to fulfill the changing security needs. If the bus cable is routed past each of thesystem as and when required.

The bus security system makes it possible to:

  • Warn of intruders, fire or medical emergencies in rooms, bungalows and offices.

  • Follow up alarms at different locations, for example in an office, guardroom or reception.

  • Control access to guest rooms, offices, doors, gates and entrances with electric locks, and electronic fences

NEWS! We are currently developing a wireless bus system for large buildings such as hotels and offices.


Brief overview of security solutions

Room/bungalow – security and access control set

  • Detects fire or smoke

  • Detects intruders when opening doors or windows

  • Warns in case of medical problems or other emergencies

  • Opens doors with electronic keys

  • Sends information to reception and guards about who enters and at what time (time and attendance)

  • Sends alerts to the main office, reception and guards’ location

  • Operates standalone and also remotely if connected to the security bus

  • External bright LED indication that a room/bungalow is protected

Electronic keys can be enabled or disabled at reception, no need to change keys or locks.


Security Components Functionality


These are examples of the basic components which can be installed in hotel rooms, bungalows, reception areas, offices and guardrooms. Each individual security system can consist of various combinations and quantities of components, depending on the size of the hotel, number of rooms, bungalows, etc., allowing complete flexibility and adaptability.

Electronic Fences

Hotels have easy ways for intruders to gain entry, at the rear or from the public road at the front. Entrances can be protected with infrared “fences” and are especially useful at night. Breaking the beams will warn the guard that an unauthorised person is attempting to enter the premises, so he can then investigate. It will also help the guard when the visibility is not good during the night to detect intruders.

The electronic fences are controlled by intelligent software and can generate different signals depending on whether a dog or human passes the fence, thereby preventing false alarms.

Perimeter fence

IR Window


Our infrared fences are available up to 2m high.
The smaller units are ideal for windows and doors
where more precise detection is required.

(The infrared beams are actually invisible – these photos are
for illustrative purposes only)

Other products which are perfect for hotels and resorts are our Guard Patrol system, IP Cameras and Digital Video Recorders.

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Only an accurate alarm system provides adequate security and peace of mind

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