IP and Megapixel camera-based systems are the future of video surveillance and are quickly becoming the standard CCTV method of surveillance.  In the short term they may be a little more expensive than analog cameras, but it is obviously an investment in superior quality and flexibility.  Where analog cameras are limited in terms of picture quality, IP cameras offer extreme clarity and image definition. As the surveillance technology of the future, you won’t be outgrowing an IP camera-based video surveillance system any time soon.  You will be able to upgrade and improve this system for years to come while older systems will become obsolete.

If you are considering upgrading from an analog system to an IP system we can offer the following:

  • We can install small electronic modules which allow the use of your existing coaxial cable to transmit data from IP cameras. This is especially convenient for hotels and businesses where there would be minimum disruption and discomfort for guests/visitors/employees while the new network is installed, ie. no banging, drilling, debris, etc. For a limited time we are offering the modules FREE if you are upgrading your existing analog network.

  • These devices allow the transmission of signals from multiple cameras using just a single cable.

  • Bi-directional communication using the cables between a guardroom and cameras to also control lights, send sensor data etc.

  • Best price/quality ratio.

The following is a selection of our current range of cameras but please note that we can supply other models on request. 

IR Outdoor IP Cameras (2 Megapixel, wired and wireless)






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IR Indoor IP Cameras (2 Megapixel, wired only)

IP camera


IP Camera



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