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Smart Alarm Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech company, which specializes in sales of  LED intelligent, individual light-dimmer products. With the professional design team and manufacturing group. All the products are CE certified and RoHs compliant.

     Our products are LED on Fashion Intelligent LED Lighting on home, bar restaurants, hotels, office. There are two main series :RGB LED dimmable lighting collection, warm white/white adjustable color temperature LED lighting including: Dimmable LED ceiling light, RGB LED strip light, etc.

      It is inevitable that LED lamps will replace incandescence lamps in and become another revolution of human lighting, because it fully matches up with new human living---low carbon life, environmental protection.

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Our new electric fence delivers a powerful shock to would-be intruders if they try to cross it.

Although not lethal, the 14,000 volts should be enough to deter anyone from attempting to gain entry to your property.

Also, if any of the wires are cut or pulled apart to create enough space to gain access, the control unit will trigger a siren and a spotlight.

If you are using our Superior Control Unit, a message can also be sent to your mobile phone to alert you of any potential threats. If you have a guard on the premises, he will be alerted immediately and the exact location will be indicated on his warning board.

The Smart Electric Fence is available in Perimeter Protection under the Products menu.

Smart Alarm got the 2013 Innovation Award

from the Chamber of commerce

for the  new "state of the art" PSIII -ZA@BC system.

The award was given by his Excellentie Ambasador Mr.Michielsen

See Innovation Award

We designed this new electronic fence as a safe alternative to the electric fence as it does not deliver a high-voltage shock, so it is completely safe for children and animals.

It works in a similar way to our Electric Fence, detecting any interference with the wires, such as cutting or pulling.

We designed this exciting product also for a second reason - the lack of affordable and reliable perimeter systems on the market. Most infrared beams and motion sensors have serious difficulties in accurately detecting intruders who are crossing a wall where there are plants and trees, or cats and birds, and these sensors can often give false alarms. These problems are eliminated with our new SA-FENCE-12 Electronic Fence.

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Do you have a story to tell? Have you been burgled? Do you know somebody who has been burgled? Would you have felt safer with a good alarm system installed?

Tell us about it and we could feature your story here. Let us know on the Contact Page.


During the first quarter of 2013, we will launch our 3rd generation security system. This system will offer as standard: communication by RF, GSM and Internet.

Included will be access control, time and attendance and home automation.

It will be distributed throughout Thailand and exported to Myanmar (Burma), Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore.

It's here - the Smart Alarm Web Store!

Smart Alarm has now opened its brand new online shopping service.

Web store

Wim Verlinden, Smart Alarm's Managing Director, said: "In the last decade E-commerce has become a major part of the shopping industry. With so many people shopping online nowadays, we decided to make many of our products available in our new webshop.
We will be able to supply alarm sets and components, and most other products which the average handyman can install himself. We guarantee all the security systems which are installed by our teams of technicians so, obviously, products which require technical expertise to install will not be available to the general public."

So, now it's no longer necessary to visit us in person, just sit at your computer!

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New production facility....

We have transferred our production to a superb facility in Pathum Thani, Thailand. This will enable us to offer a larger range of products, even higher quality and better prices, in the coming year.

See the new facility here.

Only an accurate alarm system provides adequate security and peace of mind

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