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Smart Alarm Co.,Ltd. offers an exciting new product.........

invisible intelligent electronic infrared fences.

These fences cannot be crossed by intruders or visitors without sending a signal to the control unit and they react differently depending on the size of the crossing object and the place where the fence is crossed. The fences can communicate by RS485 with the control unit and can easily be integrated into any security or access control system.

To appreciate the benefits of this new innovation, first let's compare it with the old alternatives...

1. Iron fence 2. Traditional 2 or 3 beam fence

Disadvantages of the iron spiked fence:

Very expensive
Not reliable
No local or remote warning when crossed
Impossible to integrate into a total security system

Disadvantages of 2-3 beam system

Easy to pass under or over the beams
No remote control of beam signal strength
Difficult to integrate in a total security system

The new alternative : Electronic fences from 41cm to 204 cm

Low price.
Local and remote warning with sound, light and sms or call to multiple mobile phones.
Remote control of every beam strength.
Small dimensions, can be hidden in furniture, wall or garden lights.
Detects the intruder and warns the owners before he is inside the house or has broken doors or windows!


  • Fences up to 60 meters long and 2 meters high.
  • From 2 to 12 beams per fencel.
  • Height 41 cm (2 beams) up to 206 cm (12 beams), width only 35 mm, easy to hide inside an object.
  • 3 models - standard, advanced and RS485.
  • Different reaction when crossed by dog or bird or when crossed by human being.
  • RS485 communication with open protocol to connect with any building control-, monitoring- or alarm system.
  • RS485 model offers signal strength control of every beam. Easy to install and maintain.


  • Outdoor perimeter alarm for resorts.
  • House Project surrounding alarm.
  • Hotel guest screening system, walls + electronic key.
  • Building construction material protection.
  • Access control, fence wall + proximity card reader.
  • Car park, warns when cars enter/exit and counts the number of cars.
  • Exposition/Fair statistics.
  • OEM applications.

Minimum requirements :

The standard beam

Has a relay with Normally-Closed contacts which open for 2 seconds when 2 neighbouring beams are crossed.
The contacts can trigger any alarm system or another relay to sound a siren or switch on a light.
A small beeper inside warns when 1 beam (short beep) or 2 beams (long beep) are crossed.

The advanced customized beam

Has a relay in which the contacts can be Normally-Open or Normally-Closed and can be programmed to switch from 1 to 255 seconds.
The contacts can switch on a siren or light for a longer time than the standard beam so no extra control unit is needed.
Depending on the requirements, the contacts can switch if 2 or more beams are broken.
This may be necessary when, for example, the neighbors' cat crosses the wall and breaks the 2 lower beams.
Setting up triggering for 3 instead of 2 broken beams will solve the problem.

The customized beam with RS485 bus

The beam listens on the bus and sends back a report when requested.
A standard report tells how many beams and which beams were broken.
An extended report tells the signal strength of each beam. This is suitable for installers and maintenance teams. Any problem can easily be found and solved this way.
The RS485 bus makes it possible to connect many beams to the alarm system with only 2 wires.
The distance between the beams and the control unit can be many hundreds of meters.


Control unit:

The control unit comprises:

  • Power supply 13.8V / 3A for the beam
  • Backup battery 13.8V / 5.5 Ah to keep the beams running for 10 hours if the main power fails
  • Memory to log all alarm events
  • LCD to show which beam was broken
  • Keypad to control (On/Off) the system
  • Siren output to warn the guard or owner
  • Lights output to make lights flash if the beams are crossed
  • RS485 communication bus
  • RS232 communication bus to connect to PC
  • Remote warning by sms or call with an integrated mobile phone


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